29th Eastern VHF-UHF Conference photos
Enfield, CT : August 22-24, 2003

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Left - Roger Amidon K2SMN coordinated the 6 and 2M Bandsession.

Right - Bob W1COT was one of many in attendance.

Left - Gene W3ZZ gave a talk on VHF-Microwave Contesting.
Right - One of Gene's slides.

Left - Paul W1GHZ gave a talk on Circular Polarization Feedhorns.
Right - 24 and 47 GHz dish antennas.

Left - KB1VC auctions some goodies.
Right - WB2VVV, K1FO chat with Registration Chairman KF6AJ

Left - Dr. Al Katz K2UYH talks about Small Station EME using JT44.

Left - K2UYH JT44 EME initials on 70 and 23cm.

Left - K2UYH explains the basics of JT44 mode.

Left - KB1VC and WA1MBA.
Right - WA1MBA gave a fun presentation on Microwaves.

Left - WB2VVV and W1GHZ setup a network analyzer in our lab.
Right - N1DPM operated the noise figure meter.

Left - Stan KA1ZE presented his contesting experiences.

Right - Stan obviously has a score to settle (unsettle?).

The most interesting talks were found here.

Left - Even WZ1V had a few.
Right - There were lots of doorprizes this year

Left - As I said, lots of doorprizes.
Thanks to all who contributed.

Left - The banquet at the Radisson was great.
Right - I think they microwaved the chicken.

Left - More happy diners.

Right - But where's the beef?

Right - The Worked All Bands award is presented to Brian Justin WA1ZMS.

Left - Chairman N2LIV announces Paul Drexler W2PED as recipient of this years Tom Kirby Award for outstanding achievement and contribution to the VHF-Microwave fraternity.

Right - Steve K1FO readies the dreaded Trivia Quiz.

Left - Prize Chairman WA1ECF.
Right - K1NCO runs away with 1st prize.

Left - W1RIL helps test a CU Loop
Right - and a Bigwheel antenna for 432.

Left - Chris WB2VVV measures antenna gain
Right - and records the results.

Click here for info on the Worked All Bands award.
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