30th Eastern VHF-UHF Conference photos
Enfield, CT : April 16-18, 2004

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Left - our Registration volunteers.
Right - AA1YN, N2MSS, N1HL, and K1LPS.

Left - our Chairman Bruce Wood N2LIV.

Right - Dan Henderson N1ND talks about ARRL VHF+ Contest changes.

There is a need to attract new blood to VHF Contesting.

Left - Fred Stefanik N1DPM holds a 2M yagi he designed.

Right - Jeff Klein K1TEO talks about his years in VHF Contesting.

Left - Dick Frey WA2AAU talks on Mentoring Microwave Rovers.

Left - KB1VC auctions some goodies.
Right - Walt Nero WA1HHN on the rise of K3EAR

Gerald Youngblood AC5OG of FlexRadio Systems presented a Software Defined Radio

Left - Steve Kostro N2CEI of DEMI tested preamps.
Right - The VHF Banquet.

Left - Our Banquet speaker Brian Skutt ND3F gave us a delightful presentation on Roving.

Left - The ceremonial passing of the wavemeter.
Right - These guys enjoyed the free Banquet this year!

Left - our Prize Chairman Stan Laine WA1ECF
came up with lots of door prizes this year.

Left - Chris Fagas WB2VVV measured antennas

Right - Setting up a 10 GHz dish.

Click here for more info on Software Defined Radios.
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