31st Eastern VHF-UHF Conference photos
Enfield, CT : April 8-10, 2005

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Left - KF6AJ can do Registration in his sleep! Right - Some of Steves' guillotine pals.

Left - Beware of Rabbi Steve, yowch!

Right - our Chairman Bruce Wood N2LIV.

Left - Steve N2CEI explains FUBAR technology.
Right - DEMI 23cm 120W PA.

Left - Chris W3CMP highlights his DXpeditions.

Right - Paul W1GHZ.

Left - Del K1UHF leads 222 Bandsession.
Right - Matt KB1VC auctions a microwave item.

Left - K1 We Hate Spam.

Right - The 2M LVA at K1WHS.

Left - Paul W2PED explains how to get on 24 GHz.
Right - KA1ZE goes to FN01.

Left - Doorprize Chairman Stan WA1ECF

procured an outstanding collection of Door prizes this year. Thanks to all the donors!

Left - You want to win what?
Right - Owen K3CB dashes off with our wavemeter.

Left - Our Banquet.

Right - Where's the beef?

Left - Rene VE2UG's new ride gets 68 MPG!

Right - Our Sunday Flea.

Left - Star-ring W1DOG and her pet humans.

Right - Down East Microwave Inc.

Left - Our Antenna Range.
Right - Antenna Ratiometry 101 as professed by W1GHZ.

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