32nd Eastern VHF-UHF Conference photos
Enfield, CT : April 21-23, 2006

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Left - N1MJD and KF6AJ work the registration table

Right - Chairman N2LIV welcomes everyone.

Left - Everyone seemed to be awake...

... Well almost everyone.

Some of Americas Most Wanted!

Grid squares of course.

Far Left - Don W1FKF.

Right - Lee AA1YN.

Left - W1FKF and AA1YN discuss WSJT EME.

Right - Decode of W5UN.

Left - AA1YN's Moon Tracker control box.

Right - Art W1TDS hosted the 6/2/222 Bandsession.

Left - WA1MBA discusses a 77 GHz LNA.

Right - W2PED discusses a 24 GHz LNA.

Left - Bob N4HY discussed SDR-1000 Applications.

Right - WB4GCS talks up AMSAT's Phase 3E Satellites.

Left - Dick WA2AAU highlights how to modify
an AML PCS PA to work on 2304 MHz.

Left - Closeup of the output stage modifications.

Right - For more info...

Left - Paul W1GHZ on VE4MA and Chaparrel Feeds
Right - N1JEZ on Reflocking LO's.

Left - Steve K1FO's new ride.

Right - West Mountain Radio's table.

Left - Down East Microwave's table

Right - N2MSS, W1FKF, W1RIL with Sandra and Steve.

Left - Mike The AV Guy.

Right - One of the more civilized tables at the Banquet.

Left - W1RIL accepts the Tom Kirby Award.

Right - W3ZZ hands AF1T our Wavemeter.

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