The North East Weak Signal Groups' 2M Transatlantic Beacon:

Callsign: W1RJA/B
QTH: FN41cj (southern Rhode Island)
Frequency: 144.282
Emission: A1 (amplitude keyed CW)
Power: 60 Watts
Feedline: 160' Cablewave FLC 12-50 half inch hardline
Antenna: 9.5 dBd 5 element yagi beaming 60 degrees azimuth
Height: 140 feet (43M) above base elevation of 130 feet (40M) ASL.

Signal reports welcome:
The 60 Watt Micor donated by VE2UG,
installed 10/18/97 in Westerly, RI FN41cj.
Visible in the upper left quadrant is the EPROM CW ID board,
and the 144.282 MHz channel element in the lower left.

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N1VDW (left) mans the ropes. KB2ZVP mounts the yagi at 140' while WA1ZPI stands by.

The view from the 100 foot level. (as high as WZ1V dared to venture)

(left) Randy KB2ZVP and Bob WA1ZPI relax on terra firma. Beacon transmitter and power supply in their new home.

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