23rd Eastern VHF-UHF Conference photos
Enfield, CT : August 22-24, 1997

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Chairman KA1ZE greets the crowd.

By noon on Saturday, 120 VHF'ers from all over the East Coast had arrived to attend.

CQ-VHF Editor Rich Moseson W2VU (left) speaks on the state of VHF+ operating. Gene Zimmerman W3ZZ hosts the 6 meter through microwaves Band Session.

Chris Fagas WB2VVV talks about receivers and dynamic range, then enters our Lab to lend a hand.

Jeff Kruth WA3ZKR explains Co-Planar Waveguide construction, then offers the use of his Network Analyzer in the Lab (there's also a 1 GHz spectrum analyzer on the left).

Tom Williams WA1MBA reveals his tower-mounted microwave setup, and how to snowflake tune a stripline amplifier.

Steve Kostro N2CEI and Sandy from Down East Microwave Inc. help customers, while Dave Olean K1WHS from Directive Systems antennas looks on.

Zack Lau W1VT receives an award for all his help with noise figure measurements, while Fred Stefanik N1DPM gives another to K1WHS.

Gerry Rodski K3MKZ from SSB Electronic USA tunes someones' receive preamp for best noise figure.

Dick Frey WA2AAU gives a presentation on RF Filters. Dick is the contest chairman of W2SZ Multi-Multi.

85 gather for the VHF Banquet. KA1ZE introduces Steve Powlishen K1FO, who is about to administer the Sam Harriz W1FZJ Memorial Wavemeter Trivia Quiz.

Next week...photos of our Antenna Measuring Range.
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