24th Eastern VHF-UHF Conference photos
Enfield, CT : August 21-23, 1998

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Left - Chairman N2LIV greets the crowd.

Right - By noon Saturday, 105 VHF'ers from all
over the East Coast had arrived to attend.

Our Friday night hospitality room
gives early arrivers a place to unwind.

Left - K1UHF ex-KD1DU, HSCWMS talk.

Right - W1FIG operates HSCW Meteor
Scatter at KO0U/1 portable station.

Left - ND3F/R explains rover technique.

Right - ND3F/R's rover vehicle.

Left - K1WHS of Directive Systems
with 2304 MHz Blowtorch antenna.

Right - W3ZZ leads bands discussion.

Left - KO0U takes advantage of our Lab
to repair and tune a preamp for best NF.

Right - WA3ZKR repairs some microwave gear.

Left - WB2VVV's gain patch antennas.

Right - Microwave enthusiast Don WB1FKF.

Left-W3EP/1 World Above 50MHz author.

Right - The VHF Banquet.

Left-Registrar K1LXD with N1RWM.

Right - W1MRQ gives VHF-SHF Quiz.

Left - AF1T wins VHF-SHF Trivia Quiz.

Right - Prize Drawings Chairman N1MUW.

Left - Joe Reisert W1JR
runs the antenna measuring
while KA1EKR and WW1Z assist.

Left - Measuring Yagi gain.

Right - a HB 432 omni under test.

Left - KA1ZE's new Ultimate Mobile.

Right - Stan pins the pivot arm in the 90 degree position.

Left - An electric winch pulls the bottom down.

Right - All this in less than 10 minutes.

50 feet and 1500 Watts equals LOUD.

Listen for KA1ZE in the September Contest from Blue Knob FN00 on all bands.

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