25th Eastern VHF-UHF Conference photos
Enfield, CT : August 27-29, 1999

( click on any image to enlarge )

Left - Ron WZ1V helped register 114 VHF'ers this year.

Right - Roger K2SMN leads a Bandsession.

Left - Bob W1COT and Jeff K1TEO.

Right - Del K1UHF and Bob W1COT.

Left - A 10 GHZ station in our lab.

Right - Tony WA8RJF and Owen K6LEW of C3I.

Left - WB2VVV's microwave station.

Right - Chris WB2VVV.

Left - Steve N2CEI and Sandy of DEMI.

Right - Gerry K3MKZ of SSB Electronic.

Left - Steve K1FO showing some
of his Lunar Link Amps.

Right - Our chairman Bruce N2LIV
wishing all 73 'til next year.

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