Icestorm of Nov 17, 2002

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Street and yard at WZ1V
after the 11-17-02 icestorm.

The power meter got ripped right off the house

What was and what's left of the WZ1V tower.

Another shot of the antenna damage.
One of the fence sections.

The front gutter took a hit.
Another view of the power meter.

Downed limb and power wires

Partial recovery in time for the
January 2003 VHF SS with temporary antennas for 6M-1296, 4el on 6, 33el on 903, 14el on 2m, 55el on 1296, broken looper on 2304 not working, 9el on 222, and a 9WL yagi on 432. A complete rebuild is planned sometime this Spring.

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