July '07 N.E.W.S. Group Picnic

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July 14: Mark K1MAP lights up!

Call the fire department!

Left - How to vaporize meat. K1IIG, W1OUN, and N1MJD look on approvingly.

Right - I'll take the least burnt one.

Left - The Markster emerges from the smoke unscathed. Must be an asbestos T-shirt.

Right - A meeting of the mindful. New member Neil K1NDF lower left.

Left - K1PXE and WA2LTM sit back and take it all in.

Right - WA1MBA's charts and graphs kept everyone spellbound. Huh?

Left - John W1RT/R outside his rover-mobile (formerly W3IY's).

Right - W1RT/R inside view. You can't have enough batteries!

Left - A better view of W1RT/R.

Right - How to dish it out.

Click here for MDS Testing Results from our July Picnic
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