July 2011 N.E.W.S. Group Picnic

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Left - chef Mark K1MAP lights up!

Right - There were dishes to eat from and dishes to communicate with.

Left - There were quite a few Picnickers.

Right - Outgoing president Dave Olean K1WHS holds his last meeting.

Left - treasurer Tom WA1MBA discusses the budget

Right - from left Mark K1MAP, at center incoming president Greg Zenger N2GZ, on right Burt N2YYU.

Don W1FKF sent in this next group of photos:

Left - A tableful of veteran VHF+ operators.

Right - WA1MBA signs up a new member, AB1MI (left). Welcome Brian!

Left - What is everyone pondering about?.

Right - Outgoing president Dave Olean K1WHS presiding.

Left - Paul Wade, W1GHZ.

Right - By the end of the day, everyone's happy! Thanks to chef Mark K1MAP and everyone who brought goodies!

Tommy W1AUV made this great panorama of our picnic

Click here for MDS Testing Results from our July 2007 Picnic
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