K3EAR June Contest 2003

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Left - Stan KA1ZE (looking mean) and yours truly WZ1V operated with the K3EAR FM19hx South Mountain group, 2200' asl. in an air-conditioned modular with a great bunch of guys.

Right - The 6M tower with 9 element yagi. We only had one TVI complaint.

Left - The 2M tower had a pair of CushCraft 17B2's.
Right - The 222 tower had a pair of 15 el yagis.

Left - The 432 stack of FO-25's.
Right - The Microwave tower and Hazer trolley.

Left - The 6M station.

Right - The 6M linear amplifier.

Left - The 2M station.
Right - A fast rotor and MFJ voice keyer is very helpful.

Left - The 222 station.

Right - The 222 MHz PA. Note the metering and pre-driver brick.

Left - The 432 station.

1500W x 22 dB antenna gain equals big smoke.

Left - The 903MHz-47GHz station.
Right - Note box under IF radio for bandswitching.

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