Microwave Update / Eastern VHF-UHF Joint Conference
hosted by the North East Weak Signal Group
October 24-27, 2002 - Enfield, CT

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Total attendance was 165.
Every US call area was represented as well as G, JA, ON, VE and VK.

We had many noted speakers,
such as N6TX of SETI...

W3IY Rover...

K1JT, author of WSJT FSK441/JT44 DSP software...

Left - W3EP talked about grid locators.
Right - WA5VJB helped auction many goodies...

Left - 10GHz 10W PA de JA3BMH, JA3LGP, JR3JZM.
Right - test equipment.

Left - There was microwave surplus.
Right - and K1FO of Lunar-Link Systems.

Sandy and Steve of Down East Microwave Inc were eager to please.

K3MKZ of SSB Electronic USA was nice enough to do the noise figure measurements.

Everyone had a great time at the Saturday night banquet.

Left - WB2VVV ran the antenna measuring.
Right - W1FKF's homebrew 1296 rover yagi.

K1WHS of Directive Systems and his H-Frame of 3456 Blowtorches.

Left - 73 es TNX from this years organizers.
Right - GL to 2003 chairman Rick NU7Z.

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