From: John Allen K1AE, email:
Subject: New England Mountains info:

Watch out for Equinox re 10GHz - the trees keep growing higher:
Paul Wade or Zack Lau can give you an update - I have not been there for years.
Zack uses a mast and rotator to get over the trees.
I remember the time I had WBFM gear south of Equinox on a hill that was LOS
and Paul Wade was on top, but the fog was so bad that
people who go to the top parking lot were asking where the inn was
(answer - 50 feet straight ahead) and Paul could not see how
much the trees had grown - Linda and I tried several locations on the way
to Equinox - no go due to the trees at the top.

My favorites sites are:

Mt. Wachusett - directions (go past the ski area and right into the
state park - the summit road is to the right. There are no
trees on the top, but lots of people in August and September.
State Park - 978-464-2987 Road opens 9 AM nominally FN42bl

Mt Washington:
$16 for car and driver, lower parking lot has good shots to locations
to the South and West - no trees and LOS.
Terrible weather that is hard to forcast and completely different at
the summit than at the base.
Keep your LO brick on during the drive up or it may not lock on startup.
The record high at the summit is about 66 deg F. The road
sometimes does not open due to snow or fog.
(Yes, in August, never mind September).
People have died near the summit in July. Goretex outer shells are
recommended - the summit is often in the clouds (ie; fog) with
temperatures in the 30's or low 40's and the clouds condense on you
and everything. If below freezing, the clouds condense into rime ice.

Lodging in Gorham NH
Larry K1LPS writes:
We've always been waiting at the gate for the 730 opening, 1/2 hour up
the hill, 20 minutes to set up... they have you about 630 in Aug,
500 in Sept. FN44IG
Lately there have been issues with various events, including bicycle races,

Current WX:
Current view of summit from North Conway Digital Camera - updated every 15 minutes:
Map of the area showing where camera sees:
Today's WX:
View from inside the summit building:
Other cams and links:

We also have easily accessable sites in Westboro MA, FN42fg
and "Fruitlands" in Harvard MA, FN42 (Both east of Mt Wachusett) that
have usable paths to Mt Washington, Mt Kearsage, Mt Wachusett,
Mt Greylock, Pack Monadnock and Mt Equinox. If at Fruitlands, the
Harvard Police will kick you out at dark unless you tell them in advance.
(It is on the side of a public country road.)

73, John K1AE, FN42ej

From: Zack Lau W1VT, email:
Subject: Rover / Hilltopping site information:
Dennis Hill FN31JW Norfolk CT
LOS to Greylock. Wauchusett, K2RIW (FN30HT), and Mt Equinox
FN33JC are all workable on 10 GHz narrowband but not loud.
Slow down as you approach Norfolk to avoid speed trap.
There are steps to an observation area on top a stone building
to clear trees. You may need a GPS or accurate speedometer
to find the spot off Rt 272--don't expect any signs.

Haystack FN32JA. A few miles up Rt 272. You can hike for about 10
minutes to get to a stone observation tower. Possible for someone
with handheld gear to cover 2 grids very easily from great spots.

West Peak in Meriden CT
Forget it.
1. Most people get lost. You have to get there through
Hubbard Park--Jersey barriers block the path through
a residential neighborhood.
2. Its not really a drive up unless you leave the pavement.
3. Propagation is good, but not as outstanding as you might

Hammonasset Beach FN31RF
Nice spot to work South in the winter.
Otherwise, you have to pay to get in.
Expect lots of visitors year round.
Well marked--easy to find.

Mohawk FN31IT.
Nice spot for working due North/South.
Last Sept. the little fire tower was trashed--missing steps and
other important pieces. Poor shot NE. K2RIW is real loud.
Marked, but partly hidden by sharp turns. Off Rt 4 about 4
miles past the rotary if you are heading west.

Mt Kearsarge FN43BJ
Great spot for working South, but blocked by Summit to the North.
Summit is a short but slightly steep hike. You can supposedly work
W2SZ halfway up. Summit is usually very windy.

Pack Manadnock FN42BU.
Overgrown with trees. You can walk to a picnic area to work South.
WB1FKF in FN42JK is in one of the clear directions.

Grand Manadnock FN32WS 3165 ft Elevation
Scouting trip, July 24, 1994
About 1.5 hours to get to the summit.
Warm weather at start, 1439Z (10:39 AM). Actually
got to the summit at 1625Z despite spending about 15 minutes
puzzling out the trail. 1451Z--reach Spruce Link.
1 hour, 13 minutes to get down from the summit.
Driving there (from Newington, CT)
Rt 175 to 5/15 North. Then I-91 North to exit 3 to
get on Rt 9 East. Take Rt 101 for roughly 12 miles. Big brown
sign with yellow letters on right marks the access road--Jaffrey.
2 hours to get there. 2 hrs 13 min to get to park gate.
Distance 126.4 miles.
Leaving Rt 9 onto 91. Drive straight (exit ramp on
right goes to 91 North).
Gate always open--can start hike at 4 AM and pay on the way
out ($2.50).
RF conditions/propagation. Excellent views of most of
New England. LOS to most mountaintops (it blocks many paths!).
No radio towers or power at the summit, which is above the tree
line. Busy place, with lots of visitors on a clear day.
125,000 visitors a year. Open winters for those interested.

Mt Equinox VT FN33JC.
Great spot but tough on cars. It is occupied with limited multis in
June/Sept. KH6CP/1 shares the mountain with them then and is also
there for the UHF contest. Trees are a problem--particularly when
hidden by heavy fog. The inn/motel blocks shots to the East. In June,
there is an auto race which severely limits access. Manchester gets
clogged with tourists in the late summer/fall, possibly making
driving tough for those in a hurry.

Slide Mountain FN22TA/FN21TX
165.8 mile trip via Rt 175/72/I84/I87/28/47 3.5 hours
about the same via Rt 44/41/23/32/214/28/47
4.2 miles from Rt 28 to bridge
4.9 miles from bridge on Rt 47 to entrance
Summit 42 0.06N 74 23.10W
Close trees around need >10 foot mast to clear
marked by concrete blocks FN22TA
Nice observation area toward the East
41 59.97N 74 23.05W (74.3842/41.9995) FN21TX
50 to 70 degrees magnetic--close mountains in the way
70 to 180 degrees--clear--only distant mountains.
People climb this one in the winter, just like Grand Manadnock.
8/14/95 W1VT

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