Spectrum Coordination Plan
NEWS Band Plan (with usage notes*) for 144-148 Nov. 2011 

144.000-.050 EME (cw) 
144.050-.100 EME and CW weak signal 
144.100-.270 SSB and CW, and EME, 
144.100-.150 EME, SSB/CW & Digital simplex 
144.150 *Weak Signal Net-Philadelphia & Northeast US 
144.200 USB Calling Freq. 
144.205 DX Group, 8-10am daily-Mid/NEast/NCentral US/E.Canada 
144.250 *Weak Signal Nets--Northeast US--EVHF-NJ, NEWS-CT 
144.260 Microwave Liason (USB) 
144.275-.300 CW Propagation Beacons 
144.300 USB Call Frequency--Europe 
144.300-.500 Mixed use--SSB,CW,Satellite, AM & FM, Digital 
144.300-.325 Future Beacon expansion 
144.320 Hamfest+Conference Talk-In, Simplex, and Liason-FM 
144.340,.360 ATV, Hang Glider and other Liason, FM,AM 
144.390 APRS 
144.400 Old AM National Call Freq. 
144.425, .450 New AM National Calling Frequencies 
144.460 Microwave Liason (FM) 
144.480-.490 TransAtlantic Beacons aimed at North America from Europe 
144.500-.900 Repeater Inputs 
144.900-145.100 Packet, FM, SSB, CW 
145.100-.500 Repeater Outputs 
145.500-.800 Miscellaneous, Experimental FM, SSB, Digital, etc 
145.800-.000 Satellite 
146.000-.400 Repeater Inputs & Simplex 
146.400-.600 Simplex (mostly FM) & Contest usage 
146.520 National Calling Freq.--FM 
146.500-.540 Guard band for Nat. Call Freq. on 146.520 
146.600-.000 Repeater Outputs 
147.000-.400 Repeater Outputs & Simplex 
147.400-.600 Simplex (mostly FM) & Contest usage 
147.555 *ARRL Code Practice 
147.600-.000 Repeater Inputs

The foregoing plan was approved by majority vote at the NEWS meeting held 
on August 23, 1997, and updated Nov. 2011. NEWS will be glad to consider 
changes and additions. 
The NEWS group is also looking for both input for and approval of, 
this plan, from the Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club and the Rochester VHF Group, 
and from other coordination bodies. The NEWS Group intends to continue 
the responsibility of updating and improving Bandplans and Frequency 
Coordination of 50 Mhz and higher Amateur Allocations, as had been the 
charge of the Northeast VHF Association, incorporated into NEWS in 
August, 1996.

73, Mark Casey, K1MAP, 
Spectrum Manager, North East Weak Signal Group (NEWS)
E-mail: map at mapinternet.com