July '01 NEWS Group PICNIC

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Left - our chef Mark K1MAP.

Right - wily eyed fearless leader W1GHZ.

Left - W1GHZ pitches propaganda.

Right - while the troops smirk.

Left - Doug WA2LTM and Pete K1PXE.

Right - Gentlemen, align your dishes.

Left - AF1T listens for MDS.

Right - N1EKV listens for MDS.

Left - Club mascot Star Lopez.

Right - Photo shoot.

Left - N2LIV is simply LIVid.

Right - George N1GJ and Don WB1FKF.

Left - Paul K1WVX, Art W1TDS, and Bob W1COT.

Right - Ron WZ1V and Bob W1COT.

Left - N1LZK and K1MAP take a break.

Right - W1GHZ, WB1FKF, and W1RIL drinkin in the boys room.

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