July '02 N.E.W.S. Group Picnic

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Our July 20 2002 Picnic
had a nice turnout.

Left - John WW1Z and Lew W1GXT.

Right - K1MAP helped cook the burgers and dogs.

Left - Pete K1PXE and Doug WA2LTM.

Right - WA2LTM donated some goodies to the free pile.

Left - Some ot the 10 and 24 GHz gear.

Right - K1NCO sets up his 10 GHz station.

Left - Weak signal source end of range.

Right - Typical 10 GHz station.

Left - Listening for Minimum Discernable Signal.

Right - Listening for Minimum Discernable Signal Not!

Left - Tune and retune.

Right - I hear the signal!

Click here for Minimum Discernable Signal test results.
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