Mar '03 N.E.W.S. Group Meeting

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Left - Our new President Tom Williams WA1MBA takes the helm.

Right - NEWS-Letter Editor Del K1UHF discusses lack of activity concerns.

Left - Stan KA1ZE and

Right - Walt WA1HHN, both operated at K3EAR FM19 in January
(the former K3MQH South Mountain award winning contest site).

Left - Ken W1RIL, and

Right - Don W1FKF show off their 47 GHz microwave gear.

Left - Another 47 GHz setup.

Right - WA1MBA moderates our DuctTape auction.

More Duct Tape gems...


Steve Simons KF6AJ, president of Manitou Systems presented Uses of Non-radiating RF & Microwave Power.

And a good time

was had by all.

Click here for Manitou Systems website.
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